Features BTGuard – Source: Shutterstock.com. It offers a full-service VPN service as well for $3 more per month. We don’t want to discourage torrenting, but we don’t see the need for a torrent only package when you can get a full VPN for $3 more a month. That said, some user may only want to use the service to anonymize their favorite torrent software and activity.

BTGuard a good choice for staying anonymous? : torrents a Proxy alone is no protection against 6 strikes from your ISP so it's a total waste of money. there are much cheaper quality VPN's, so BTGuard is now over priced Canada=USA crap'ola. How reliable is the BTGuard proxy, or VPN? : torrents BTGuard is a horrible VPN and Proxy. Both the VPN and Proxy are very slow. level 2. noncommunicable. Original Poster 3 points · 5 years ago. I am a noob. Please explain what a VPN kill switch is, and why I would need it, and do the same for DNS leak protection. Thank you very much for the advice! BTGuard VPN Review May 09, 2020

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VPN for Torrenting Torrents. BTGuard Tixati BTGuard review, VPN for Torrenting btguard.com Proxy.

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The company offers two services: the BitTorrent proxy and the BTGuard VPN. The two plans can be paid monthly or annually, the latter with a 25% discount. The BitTorrent proxy is a product destined, as the name indicates, to BitTorrent users. People who want to download BT files anonymously can hire BTGuard's BitTorrent proxy and they will get Bittorrent - BTGuard Wiki 2. Select Connection on the left side. 3. In the Proxy Box enter the following information: Type: Socks5 Proxy: proxy.btguard.com Port: 1025 Checkmark Authentication Username: Password: Both username and password are case sensitive. Make sure not to add/forget Capital Letters.