How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on an Android Phone

When you have Wi-Fi calling coverage, the phrase "T-Mobile Wi-Fi" appears in the iPhone's status bar. Calls are then being made over Wi-Fi, and they sound just like cellular calls. How to find out if your T-Mobile phone has VoLTE support 2 days ago · T-Mobile has yet to publish a comprehensive list of supported devices, so for now, the only way to be 100% sure if a phone will survive the shift to VoLTE is to test it yourself. Tags T-Mobile AT&T Promises It Now Offers Nationwide 5G, But What Does

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iPhone 5C does not support VoLTE. If you are on wifi calling and leave wifi, your call would drop on the 5C, whereas with 6 or later it will switch seamlessly to VoLTE and keep the calling going if the phone has usable LTE signal. For that reason I doubt Verizon will ever turn on wifi calling for the 5c or 5s

Mar 26, 2015

On T-Mobile, the majority of new Android phones offer Wi-Fi calling built-in, while AT&T has 35 phones in its lineup. Most phones on Verizon are capable of Wi-Fi calling, but it's unclear exactly