What is SSL VPN? SSL VPN is a client application used to connect to the VPN. This is an application, which gets installed on the computer. This client has support for 64bit systems. This is also known as the AnyConnect client.

Is it possible to configure a Cisco AnyConnect VPN to use Cisco ASA routers support one authentication group per profile. So if your VPN connection profile is set to use an authentication group named VPN then when users connect to the VPN they will authenticate to the first available server in the VPN authentication group. In the above example, all Cisco VPN clients configured for the ciscovpn group must use cisco123 as the preshared key. If there is a mismatch on the key, the security appliance denies group authentication for the client. Note. Preshared key is also known as group password in the Cisco remote-access VPN. This clarified my confusion. Jan 14, 2008 · For more information on document conventions, refer to the Cisco Technical Tips Conventions. VPN Client Connects to a VPN 3000 Concentrator. When a VPN Client connects to a VPN 3000 Concentrator, up to four authentications can take place. The Group is authenticated. (This is often called the "Tunnel Group.") The User is authenticated. So, I am going to setup one tunnel-group called "everyone" and setup this "everyone" group on the Cisco VPN client and have every user logins under "everyone" group. It is a big help since I do not have to customize 10 different profiles for Cisco VPN client for 10 different departments. May 03, 2004 · This document demonstrates how to configure a connection between a router using local extended authentication and the Cisco VPN Client. Cisco IOS? Software Releases 12.2(15)T2 and greater support connections from Cisco VPN Client 3.x. The VPN Client 3.x uses Diffie Hellman (DH) group 2 policy. The isakmp policy # group 2 command enables the 3.x clients to connect.

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client software may be used to establish a virtual private network (VPN) link to the MSU campus network from MSU faculty, staff, and student computers over the Internet. In addition, two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required for all VPN groups with the exception of the "Student" group.

11) Set "Shared Secret" to the password you set in "Setup Cisco RV325 for Cisco Easy VPN client and Shrewsoft VPN client (full VPN)" above(in this documentation, the example is "DoNotUsThisExample"). 12) Set "Group Name" to "fullvpn".

Cisco VPN Client Configuration - Setup for IOS Router

Before your Cisco® ASA SSL VPN device can use the ESA Server to authenticate users via RADIUS, it must be set up as a RADIUS client on the ESA Server. Next, your server running the ESA RADIUS service must be setup as a RADIUS Server on the Cisco® ASA SSL VPN device. This article shows you how to configure you Cisco router to support the Cisco VPN client 32bit & 64 Bit. We show how to setup the Cisco router IOS to create Crypto IPSec tunnels, group and user authentication, plus the necessary NAT access lists to ensurn Split tunneling is properly applied so that the VPN client traffic is not NATted.