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Open Source Communities – The Linux Foundation The community is one of the things that can make or break an open source project, and having a strong, vibrant, and diverse open source community is important to the project’s success. All of the people in the roles listed above are part of this community along with people filling other critical roles in the project for documentation Community – 2020-7-8 · Beyond the open source software we directly use and release at Google, we also work to support the sustainability of open source organizations and communities. Many of these efforts are focused on introducing new people to open source. Open Source Guides | Learn how to launch and grow your 2020-7-20 · Open Source Guides. Open source software is made by people just like you. Learn how to launch and grow your project. How to Contribute to Open Source Facilitate healthy and constructive community behavior by adopting and enforcing a code of conduct. Open Source Metrics

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News | Open Source Initiative 2020-7-24 · A World-wide Open Source Summit: Build your local community, while engaging the global community. The State of the Source Summit invites open source communities of practice from around the world to organize and contribute to a global conversation on the current state of open source software: non-technical issues that foster development and community, the licenses that enable collaboration, …

Proprietary source distributors have started to develop and contribute to the open-source community due to the market share shift, doing so by the need to reinvent their models in order to remain competitive. Many advocates argue that open-source software is inherently safer because any person can view, edit, and change code.