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MoneyPak | Green Dot | Enter MoneyPak Number Scratch off the box to reveal your MoneyPak number on the back of the MoneyPak package. Please enter your MoneyPak number Cancel Continue How Does a MoneyPak Work at Walmart to Send Money to You cannot use a MoneyPak at Walmart to send money to an individual. You can use MoneyPak to send money to PayPal, prepaid credit cards, some cell phone companies and Direct TV. Time Frame. When you purchase a MoneyPak card, the funds are available immediately. At Walmart, you can add up to $1,100 on the MoneyPak card. Green Dot MoneyPak Prepaid Debit Card Review | DepositAccounts

MoneyPak ®.** Visit to learn more. your paycheck, buy money orders or pay bills. The card also gives you access to brand name retail and restaurant discounts via Visa Rewards Online.

date: 2.06.2012 author: isrensu buy greendot money pack online Green Dot - MoneyPak Use your MoneyPak to add money to your PayPal account for instant online spending. number to pay for something you buy. your MoneyPak number to a criminal, Green Dot. Can you purchase a green dot money pack Mar 29, 2019 · If you're wanting to make your purchases online easier and more secure, PayPal is a great way to do it. You don't need a credit card to set up an account, but you will need a debit card or bank account to make purchases. Then, you can use your PayPal login information to buy things on websites that accept this form of payment. MoneyPak can be purchased at thousands of retailers nationwide (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Office Depot plus many more). Click Here to find a location near you. MoneyPak is a quick and easy way to use cash online without the hassle of credit cards or bank accounts. Jun 09, 2013 · As far as I know, Rite Aid is the only location that allows you to buy MoneyPaks with credit. Their point of sales are not hardcoded for cash only like CVS. For folks that follow Chasing The Points closely, the post Declined Debit Card Usage was at Rite Aid. Buying MoneyPak’s at Rite Aid is definitely a your mileage may vary situation

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Apr 02, 2018 How Can I Purchase Green Dot Moneypak Online? - Blurtit Answer (1 of 3): "If you wish to purchase a 'Money Pak' then the only option you have is to buy it in store. The Green Dot Money Pak website- provides a search engine that allows you to search for the store nearest to you that can sell 'Money Paks'. This website provides no option to purchase a Money Pak online, and whilst some fraudulent websites may offer this product online MoneyPak: The Definitive Guide —