Jun 26, 2019

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2. Open the App Tray and select Mobile Hotspot. Note: If your device isn’t set up this way, you can learn its individual process by checking out a Device Simulator. 3. Tap the Mobile Hotspot checkbox. Note: The Mobile Hotspot feature can use a lot of power, so it’s a good idea to plug your phone into a charger while the feature is turned on. 4. Devices can connect to your Mobile Hotspot using Wi-Fi. While devices are connected, you'll be charged for any data they use according to your monthly data plan. Many smartphones and tablets have a built-in Mobile Hotspot feature that you can access in Settings or the App menu. Nov 13, 2019 · To use the Personal Hotspot feature, you’ll need an iPhone 4 or newer model using iOS 4.3 or later versions, and a data plan that supports Personal Hotspot or tethering. A USB cable will be required if you want to connect via USB. The first step is to make sure you add Personal Hotspot to your data plan.

Apr 24, 2019

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