Oct 08, 2018 · Good day here, my Twitter account got suspended since I lost the particular mobile phone I used to open the account and I been following some people saying follow me and get more followers not known they are not from the right people till I got a now mobile phone trying to log in, so after all prosesies it will say congratulation you can now

I forgot my Twitter password and I want to close my account. In order to close your Twitter account, you must first log in to your account. If you forget your login password, you need to go through a few steps to enter your Twitter account. Open the Twitter application on mobile or desktop. Then click the “I forgot my password” button. Apr 28, 2020 · Information about the deactivation process will appear. Read and accept by clicking the ‘Deactivate @ (your username)’. Once this option is chosen, the person's Twitter feed will disappear from other Twitter users. This may be why you won't be able to find the users you are looking for. You cannot delete your Twitter account on Twitter’s app – you must do it through a browser. Click on your profile image and then click the ‘Settings’ button to take you to the settings page. Select ‘Settings and Privacy,’ and then click ‘Deactivate my account.’. Mar 29, 2019 · Click the "Deactivate @ accountname " button to turn off your account. You will need to enter your password in order to proceed with the deactivation. Content on your account may still be viewable for a few days as the deactivation process makes it's way through the Twitter servers. Aug 08, 2019 · How To Permanently Delete Twitter. If you have decided that you need to bid adieu on Twitter, all you need to do is not login to your Twitter account until 30 days after deactivating your account. May 13, 2019 · Twitter allows you to deactivate your account without deleting it. Deactivating Twitter is convenient for periods when you aren’t able to focus on your Twitter account or you are stepping away

Jun 27, 2019 · Fortunately, deactivating or deleting your Twitter account is very simple and straightforward. Keep in mind that you cannot immediately delete your profile. First, you will have to do the following steps to deactivate your account, after that it will be queued for deletion.

Jan 27, 2020 · Deactivation is required to delete your Twitter account. And the account will only be deleted after 30 straight days without any use whatsoever. But as before, this is going to take a while, so Before the hacking incident, I deactivated my account and now im trying to reactivate it before my 30days runs up and it gets deactivated for good but Twitter keeps saying that they can’t find an account with that password and username (I know it’s right) so I go to try and just change my password but it comes up with a screen saying “Something is technically wrong” I’ve tried I need to deactivate my twitter account that I last used in 2013 when I was 21 and drunk 50% of the time. My tweets are not THAT bad, but I definitely do not want a potential employer to see them when they google me. I can change my password without an email or phone number, but I can’t enter in an email or phone number without my password. I have contacted twitter support over 10 times and each time they send me an email telling me that they will assign my account with the email I give them and it never happens.

Nov 03, 2015 · To delete your account permanently or temporarily you just need to log in your Twitter login panel after that click on your profile picture which will be located on top bar and select Settings. After that in your account settings page you will see a link to deactivate your account and click on this.

Deactivation is an action that must be taken by the confirmed account holder or by request of a confirmed account holder. Unfortunately, unless you can contact us from the confirmed email address (or have access to the verified mobile number on the account), we will be unable to deactivate the account on your behalf. Jul 28, 2017 · Click on 'Deactivate my account' at the bottom of the webpage. Make sure you read the account deactivation information before committing to your decision. If you're happy with what you read, click Jul 16, 2020 · In the Security and privacy menu, tap Account, scroll to the bottom and select Deactivate my account. Twitter will ask you to enter your password to verify that you truly want to say goodbye. The username and email address on a deactivated account are available for use on another account 30 days after the account was deactivated. Within those 30 days, the information remains tied to the deactivated account to allow for reactivation. I tried to reactivate, but it says account reactivation is currently disabled May 30, 2019 · Enter the password and press the ‘deactivate account’ button to finally get rid of the Twitter account. Important Points Even though the process of deleting your account is extremely easy, there are still a few points that you should know before you do so.