With adaptive compression, OpenVPN will periodically sample the compression process to measure its efficiency. If the data being sent over the tunnel is already compressed, the compression efficiency will be very low, triggering openvpn to disable compression for a period of time until the next re-sample test. –management IP port [pw-file]

OpenVPN¶. OpenVPN is an Open Source VPN server and client that is supported on a variety of platforms, including pfSense® software. It can be used for Site-to-Site or Remote Access VPN configurations. OpenVPN can work with shared keys or with a PKI setup for SSL/TLS. Solved: AnyConnect client reconnects after 1 mi - Cisco This can also be due to compression of non−compressible data. The workaround is to turn off the SVC compression with the svc compression none command. This resolves the issue. the client applies the DTLS MTU (in this case 1418) on the VPN adapter (which is enabled before the DTLS tunnel is established and is needed for routes/filters Make compression asymmetric by default and add warnings OpenVPN is an open source VPN daemon. Contribute to OpenVPN/openvpn development by creating an account on GitHub. This commit introduces the allow-compression option that allow changing the new default to the previous default or to a stricter version. Disable compression on client from server. - OpenVPN Aug 14, 2018

If you use OpenVPN by Arne Shwabe or whatever his name is, it defaults to asymmetric compression, so sent packets aren't compressed. This should be sufficient. Also, Windscribe plans to do away with compression in the future.

Enable CCD on VPN server, add route to client side LAN, push route to server side LAN, selectively disable gateway redirect.. mkdir-p / etc / openvpn / ccd cat << EOF > / etc / openvpn / ccd / client ifconfig-push iroute push-remove redirect-gateway EOF cat << EOF >> / etc / openvpn / server.conf client-config-dir ccd route 255 Disabling Compression. Unless utilising specific F5 hardware that utilized Hardware Compression, it is recommended to disable all compression on the APM SSL VPN tunnel. K12524516: APM Network Access (VPN) compression causes CPU usage higher. Split vs Full VPN Tunnel For now, it is advised that users of the OpenVPN Access Server and the OpenVPN Connect Client software disable the use of compression. This effectively makes exploiting this vulnerability impossible. This can very easily be done on the OpenVPN Access Server by going to the admin web interface, and going to Advanced VPN.

Understanding Advanced Data Compression

Hamster Zip Archiver: A smart looking file archiver that makes advanced compression easy. It might … DeprecatedOptions – OpenVPN Community Jul 17, 2020 Performance : Anyconnect vs. IPSEC - Cisco Community Currently running a pair of 5520 as VPN routers. running 8.0.3, been using only Anyconnect SSL VPN for end users. These boxes do nothing else except serve VPN clients. However, recently we tried testing some IPSEC clients and are realizing that the Anyconnect SSL VPN clients is about 10x slower tha A deeper look into OpenVPN: Security vulnerabilities - SD