Mar 15, 2012

How to Create & Delete Folders in Gmail - Mashnol #2) How to Delete Folder in Gmail. If you want to Delete Folders In Gmail, then you can quickly delete it by following the few steps, have a look..!! Step 1: Log in your Gmail Account and again go through the settings. Step 2: Now move to the label section and scroll down the page. Step 3: In the Label section, you can see your folder named How to Delete Gmail Messages in Bulk (Check Best Methods) Mar 06, 2020 Deleted in Outlook but not from Gmail -

May 20, 2020

Deleting a Gmail account obviously deletes all the emails and other information contained within that account. To preserve that content, download it before you hit delete. Windows 10's Mail app is deleting Gmail users' emails

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By default, Gmail account is configured to archive emails instead of deleting them. More specifically, when you delete an email of Gmail account via IMAP in Outlook, it just removes all the deleted email’s labels, such that it will still exist in “All Mail” folder.