Hardware Identification Here is a PDF from the FAA that has some great info about hardware identification An article about AN Hardware by Ron Alexander of Alexander SportAir Workshops Here's a PDF with a Tap and Drill chart AC 43.13-1B ACCEPTABLE METHODS, TECHNIQUES, AND PRACTICES - AIRCRAFT INSPECTION AND REPAIR or

identification requirements. The FAA issued a subsequent interpretation of standard part that provided for a class of parts conforming to a standard not based on their physical configuration but on their meeting a specified performance criterion. The FAA stated this second category of standard parts is best exemplified by discrete electrical and The safe and efficient operation of any aircraft is greatly dependent upon correct selection and use of aircraft structural hardware and seals. Aircraft hardware is discussed in detail in the Structural Hardware Manual, NAVAIR 01-1A-8. Aircraft hardware is usually identified by its specification number or trade name. Rivet Number . Description . AN427 . Rivet, 100º csk. Head steel, monel, copper . AN430 . Rivet, round head al. Alloy . AN441 . Rivet, tinners Head, steel, ss, monel Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies.

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AN501 112 H HARDWARE KITS 124-127 MS35214-MS35215 112 Safety Wire Tools 131 AN507 109 Hinges 103 MS35265-MS35266 112 SCREWS, Instrument 112 AN509 110 HOSE, Aeroquip,Stratoflex 132-133 MS35333-MS35335 107 Machine 108-112 AN515 111 MIL-H-6000 135 MS35338 106 Sheet Metal 113 AN520 111 Nylaflow 136 MS35489-MS35490 145 Shackles 143 In addition to all types of screws, nuts, and rivets, NAS standards define high pressure hose, electrical connectors, splices and terminations, rod end bearings, and many other types of hardware and components. MS - Military standard started around the 1950s and for the most part replaced the AN hardware series. However, a few of the AN Feb 16, 2012 · Starting on page 7-49 Section 11 "HARDWARE IDENTIFICATION TABLES" found in AC43.13-1B contains an extensive hardware listing spanning several pages. Rick Galati RV6A N307R "Darla!" Genuine Aircraft Hardware Stocks New Traceable Aircraft Fasteners. Start / Login to Web Store . Search Our Items Start an account Technical Support Catalog/Ref Book. We Ship Worldwide, and we have International Distributors. See Stocked Items List Html Format.

All types of aircraft hardware and aircraft fasteners ready to ship from stock. Aircraft cable, MIL-spec and AN aircraft hardware. Over 12,000 part numbers of genuine aircraft hardware.

Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies. SATA identification Hi, I'm about to upgrade a ssd 6gb/s to my hp dm4 laptop. Here's the pictures my system specs based on HWiNFO32 software. It looks like themotherboard has port 0 and 1 supports 6gb/s. My current hdd is currently on port 0, which shows 3gb/s. so, do i have SATA 3 or 2? Thanks: Hardware & Devices: Music identification software Aircraft Fasteners & Hardware Accessories (10) Aircraft Mounts (2) Aircraft Nuts (47) Aircraft Rivets (23) Aircraft Screws (49) Aircraft Tools (2) Aircraft Washers (12) Cotter (8) Gaskets (4) Grommets & O-Rings (4) Line Clamps & Latches (9) Quarter Turn Fasteners (36) Rivnuts & Plugs (8) The Hardware ID (also known as Device ID and sometimes abbreviated as HWID) is an identification number used by computer hardware companies for marking specific devices.. By and large, each device should have a unique hardware ID (although sometimes there are exceptions) that allows to distinguish between different devices according to the manufacturer, type and version of the devi hardware identification free download - Dr. Hardware 2013, Open Hardware Monitor, Hardware Scanner, and many more programs